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The Evocative Workshop is looking for talented interns to join our ranks. The Evocative Workshop is a close knit group, working in close proximity with others. This is the best path to other jobs within our company.
Candidate must personally:

+ Be hygienic.
+ Be considerate. Clean up, keep chit-chat to minimum, etc.
+ Be on time and exhibit dedication to your craft.
+ Be willing to work long hours when under crunch time.
+ Be willing to LEARN and TAKE INSTRUCTION.
+ Be a problem solver and a team player.

Candidate must be comfortable working with:

+ Lifecasting with Smooth-on Body Double Silicone and Alginate with thixotropic and hyperfolic/release additives
+ Urethane Molds for manufacture of silicone gel filled appliances
+ Prosthetic silicone (with Deadener and Hardener)
+ Encapsulating plastics
+ Isocyanate/Urethane (cold) foams
+ Mineral spirits, Denatured Alcohol, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, Naphtha
+ Epoxy with fiberglass reinforcement
+ Heat guns and butane torches
+ Oil based (cold & molten hot) and water-based (i.e.: W.E.D.217) clays
+ Electronics including servos, linear actuators, etc.
+ Rebound 25 Silicone Brush up molds with epoxy & fiberglass mother-molds
+ Powered & non-powered hand tools
+ Knives, razor blades and other sharp, pointy objects...
+ Hair styling, punching & tying
+ Monomer liquid & polymer powder acrylic (i.e.: dentures, fangs, creature eyes, etc.)

All candidates must be capable to use, own and bring:

+ 3M respirator with either 3M 60921, 60923 or 60926 Vapor & Particulate Cartridges (or equivalent)
+ Dremel hand tool (or equivalent)
+ Paasche airbrush for encapsulating plastic & painting (or equivalent)
+ Clay sculpting tools
+ Safety goggles
+ Shop gloves
+ Shop clothes (that WILL get messy. A shop apron and/or hoodie is recommended.)
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